5 Ways to make extra income

Online Surveys

1. Online Surveys

Cost: 0 – £

Earning Potential: 0 – £

Requirements: Access to internet (Computer/Mobile)

This method won’t make you millions overnight but if you need some extra cash and havea lot of spare time on your hands, this can be an ideal method.

There are lots of different sites out there that offer many different payment options. From Amazon, Itunes and Argos vouchers to immediate bank transfers or Paypal. Find the method that suits you and stick with it.

One of the things to be weary of is that some of the survey companies out there are only interested in a particular
demographic and if you are not in that demographic you may struggle to get any new surveys/offers.

Try Toluna as a starting point.

Ebay/Amazon Reseller

2. Become an Ebay/Amazon Seller

Cost: £ – ££

Earning Potential: £ – £££

Requirements: Access to internet (Computer/Mobile), Some Capital/Items to sell

With more and more people using online shopping everyday this option has a growing market reach.

If you are unsure as to whether this is the best option for you, try selling some old items you would like to get rid of. This will give you the opportunity to learn how either of these large company’s sales processes works.

With Ebay it is strongly advisable to buy a few small items first to improve the ranking of your new account as people are often suspicious of buying from accounts without any purchase history.

When selling items make sure that you correctly estimate the cost of postage and packaging, otherwise the cost of these can eat quickly into any profit margin you have on your sales.

Becoming a seller with either of these two large companies is easier than ever and the process for each is well documented online (Do a quick Google search for ‘Selling on ebay’/’Selling on amazon’).

Start with selling smaller items as this will reduce the strain on your cashflow. Ensure that you do the maths beforehand and calculate whether the return on your investment will be worth the time spent listing, selling and posting items.

For more information on selling on Ebay click here.

Develop Apps

3. Develop & Sell Apps

Cost: £ – ££

Earning Potential: £ – £££

Requirements: Ability to program apps/ The time & ability to learn how to program apps

There are now over 1 billion Android users and over 500 million iOS users, each of these operating systems allow you to create, develop and sell your own apps on their proprietary app stores.

If you are not computer savvy this option may take you a lot longer to implement, but app development with either of the platforms listed above is a valuable skill to learn and have. The app market has shown no signs of slowing up anytime soon. There are a lot of good free resources online which take you right from the basic ‘Hello World’ app to a fully fledged game.

There is a greater cost to registering your app for sale with the Apple AppStore than that required for the Google Play Store. But the paybacks can be lucrative and if you create an addictive game it could become viral almost overnight.

Once all the initial development and bug fixing is complete the income from your app becomes almost passive, i.e. you almost don’t need to lift a finger, though the most successful app developers spend time regularly updating and improving their apps.

To get started building apps try following the Google guides at developer training.

Start A Blog

4. Start an Online Blog/Vlog

Cost: £

Earning Potential: £ – £££

Requirements: Computer with Internet Access / A Decent Camera or Phone Camera

I’m sure you have all heard the stories of people who have created a blog or Youtube channel and have gone on to make it their full-time job.

As far-fetched as these ideas seem they are possible and the single biggest indicator of success in breaking into these fields is consistency and committment. There are plenty of people who have tried and failed miserably to develop their own blog or vlog channel online.

The most common failure of these people is the lack of regular new content on their website/channel. They start with all the best will in the world and maybe keep that enthusiasm and motivation going for the first week or two, after which posting content can often feel like a chore.

If you want to go for this option make sure that you make a committment to give yourself the time to post regular content and stick with it.

Sometimes it can feel hopeless but if you keep going and evolve/tailor your content to your regular readers/subscribers you will improve your numbers and increase your following greatly. With increased numbers of readers/watchers
you will vastly increase the ability to make money from advertising or product placement.

To build a blog try visiting WordPress.com .

Freelance Work

5. Freelance work

Cost: £ – ££

Earning Potential: £ – £££

Requirements: Depend on the skill you will choose to freelance with.

Do you have a skill? Can you learn a useful skill that someone would pay money for? Then perhaps freelancing is the best opportunity for you. There are people in the world that have lucrative freelancing businesses selling everything from web, logo or graphics development to content writing, voiceover work, proofreading or life-coaching.

The list of potential skills is endless, if you develop a service that can be paid for and there is a market for your service, you will get clients!

There are plenty of online sites you can register for free with to sell your freelance services such as PeoplePerHour or
FiveSquid. If you don’t feel confident with using a computer then good ‘old-fashioned’ classified ads can be used in the newspaper or on a local notice board.